FDA Compliance - Techlink



Over the past fifteen years, TechLink has offered labeling compliance for the Canadian market including many food items.  We offer a full solution that includes:

  • Translation into French according to CFIA standards
  • Adapting your graphics into a bilingual format and placing the text according to CFIA standards
  • Conversion of Nutritional facts data to the Canadian format
  • Regulatory review for labeling compliance with Canadian regulations

At the end of the project, we would return your graphics file ready to print.  If you have your own graphics person, we can offer translations along with regulatory review service.  Since we would not control the graphics file, once we have the PDF that does not require any additional regulatory changes then we would provide an approval letter. Food labeling regulations are being updated and our team is ready to help.  Please contact our team for help or create a new translation request by clicking on client login at the top, middle of this webpage.

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