Shower Head Testing & Certification (NOM-008-CNA-1998, Regaderas Empleadas en el Aseo Corporal – Especificaciones y Métodos de Prueba)

All Shower Heads are required to be tested and certified under NOM008.  The laboratory requires a total of ten samples per shower head.  If your company is selling a set with more than one shower head, both shower heads would need to be tested and certified.  The project turnaround depends on the laboratory availability and amount of items be certified.  Normally it takes approximately three weeks.  Each certificate is valid for one year and there is a mandatory surveillance visit required per certificate.

Getting Started:

Please provide the following:

  • 10 Samples for each shower head (see shipping instructions)
  • Confirm:  Brand, Model, and Country of origin
  • Confirm water pressure (low, medium, high).  Please note that your shower head may operate with more than one if not all three water pressure standards.
  • Sell unit packaging along with instruction manual.  Must be provided at the beginning of the project.
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