TechLink International has a sister company Mas TechLink Trade Solutions (MTTS) which specializes in all facets of International Import Regulation Compliance/US Exports, document fulfillment and legalizations.

How we can help

Shipping internationally can be tricky and securing the correct documentation can be even trickier. The advantage of working with MTTS is we have the in house expertise to gather everything needed to export your item. If you need a single request or need a solution for your ever growing export business, we can put something together based on our clients needs.  Some of the documents/certificates we can secure are:

  • Certificates of Free Sale (check with enterprise florida)
  • Certificates of Sanitary Registration–Internal, notarized or apostille (remove)
  • Certificates of Chemical Composition and Quality Specifications– Basic Documents generally require notarization, consularization or apostille depending on country regulations
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • US Government export Health Certificates

Free trade agreements Qualifications

North American Free Trade agreement or Central American Free Trade agreement can be a huge benefit for exporting your item as duties might not be applicable.  Based off the origin of your ingredients along with your manufacturing process, we can analyze and determine if your item qualifies as a NAFTA or CAFTA.  MTTS would require the country of origin for all ingredients along with a detailed recipe process to determine if there is a harmonized tariff code jump.


MTTS understands that sensitive information might be required depending on the process requested. Our dedicated personal are willing to sign confidentially and non-disclosure agreements

Enterprise solution vs. Individual Request

An enterprise solution we would build a system in place based off the amount of requests needed.  The package would contain preferential rates and an assigned team member for all requests.

The other service option we offer is based off an individual request. We have a portal where clients can register and add in the request directly to our system.  Once we have it, the next person available will review the information included and confirm if any additional information is needed along with provide a quote with an estimated turnaround.

Price Lists

MTTS will provide a firm quote upon receipt of request. We require payment up front for new clients.

Transportation expedition:

How to label, pack, and load containers to ease customs clearance internationally.

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