FDA Compliance - Techlink


TECHLINK INTERNATIONAL provides several consulting services to the cosmetics and personal care industries.

Our consultants will assist you in:

  • Preparing safety assessments for ingredients
  • Reporting adverse events
  • Providing import/export advice
  • Responding to concerns regarding a company’s product
  • Conducting audits of cosmetic manufacturers to assure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices  (GMP) guidelines
  • Reviewing cosmetic labeling for compliance with FDA requirements
  • Evaluating the safety of cosmetic ingredients
  • Preparing color additive petitions for submission to the FDA for approval
  • Advising on safety and environmental issues associated with the use of nanotechnology
  • Translating and adapting your labels and sales materials into FDA compliance standards
  • Adapting your product layout with FDA compliance standards
  • Obtaining export and registration permits
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