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 Chocolate Testing & Certification (NOM-186-SSA1/SCFI-2013, Cacao, chocolate y productos similares, y derivados del cacao)

Each type of chocolate (milk, white, dark) exported into Mexico needs to be tested and certificated by accredited laboratories and certification agencies.  The certificate is only valid for only one importer and for one year.  If your company would like to certify the same chocolate for more than one importer, testing and certification would need to be duplicated.  If your item contains more than one type of chocolate (i.e. box of chocolates with three types of chocolate) samples are required for each type as it will need to be tested as well. After one year, even if the item is the same, each chocolate needs to tested again and we would require samples.  Nine months into the process, TechLink will contact you and ask if your company would like to renew your certificate.  The entire process takes three weeks from the time everything requested is received.

Please note that all chocolate items need to comply with NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010 as well, please see labeling compliance for additional information.

Getting Started:

The first thing needed is a completed table 12.  Please click on this link: Table 12 to download the template.  Please email your TechLink contact the completed file once its available.  Once received, TechLink will confirm which samples are required and where they need to be shipped.

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