Shipping Instructions

Each manufacture will need to ship the laboratory samples to Mexico. In order to do so, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Sample Condition
  • Box information
  • Courier request
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Important Notes


Sample Condition (Non-Chocolate)

All samples need to be spray painted with either black or red ink on part of the product. Please note that the paint can be anywhere on the product as long as it does not change the integrity of the product. For example, if the product is a flashlight, please not paint the bulb. Please paint the handle or any other section that is visible and convenient for you.


Sample Condition (Chocolate)

If your item is sold as pure chocolate, the laboratory requires one kilogram.  The samples can be sent in your sell unit package.  If your item is not sold as pure chocolate then two kilograms of finished product is required.  Please note that this is applicable for each type of chocolate.  Please contact TechLink and have them determine all samples required.

Box Information

The samples need to arrive in a box that does not contain any information. Each box needs to have the word, “Sample,” written on the outside.


Courier Request

Please use either FedEx or preferably UPS. Please make sure that the service requested is door-to-door service.


Commercial Invoice:

Each Invoice needs to have the following information:

  • Vendor name along with legal address and tax id
  • Specify Samples in the invoice
  • Each item sent needs to be specified in the following format:
    • Manufacture
    • Brand
    • Model
  • The value for each item needs to be $1. If you sending 10 different items, please put $1 after each description and $1 would be the total


The Bill to and shipping address will be:

 Our contact and address will be provided by your TechLink contact.


Important Notes

  • Please do not send any products with wood or anything on wood pallets
  • Please note that if these directions are not followed exactly, there will be costs incurred from customs and importer, which will be significant. Also, there would not be any guarantee that we could retrieve the shipment in Mexico


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