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US Medical Distributor Search

The U.S. is a very complex market place with many different sub markets and sales channels. Many Importers find themselves unable to reach their full sales potential due to the complexity of requirements by distributors, brokers, wholesalers, retailers, etc… We can help you set up specific sales and marketing strategy so you can avoid all the common pitfalls that most importers suffer. The strategy will vary based on product, market feasibility and type of sub market the product is introduced into. Our approach is comprehensive and detailed…

1. Market entry strategy and potential….

  1. Geographical areas to take the first step….
  2. (Midwest, West Coast, South, Southeast, Northeast, Mid Atlantic).
  3. Competing products on the market.
  4. Ideal distributor profile.
  5. Service and logistics structure.

2. Distributor Qualification

  1. Pre-qualification
  2. Evaluation of experience, service level, etc.
  3. “Short list” of qualified candidates.
  4. On-site evaluation of “short list” distributors.
  5. Final selection by client

3. Network Management

  1. Liaison between our clients and the distributor.
  2. Troubleshooting.
  3. Marketing audits.
  4. Competing products.
  5. Distributor performance and reports on sales, service, promotional activities.
  6. Review your logistics and other service providers to conduct quarterly performance audits.

Our team of medical distribution specialists offers you:

  • 100% dedication to the medical devices industry.
  • Extensive knowledge of other international markets include Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia
  • Knowledge of United States business culture.
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