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Validation Consulting for Processes, Equipment, Software, Strategy, Sales and Marketing

Having qualified staff available to assist your company is a valuable benefit, and isn’t always an option for other companies. At TechLink International, some of our leading executives have helped companies through tough times and business decisions.

We are proud to be able to offer you the competence and knowledge of our leading executives. Whatever your business questions or troubles, you can rely on us for issues such as the following:

Validation Consulting for Processes

We can help with

  • Completed Master Validation Plans
  • DFMEA, PFMEAs, and UFMEA drafting
  • Design and execution of Validation protocols; Followed cGMP
  • Completed execution of Design, process, and software validation testing, statistical analysis, and reports
  • Process capability studies
  • Process Operational Qualification Protocols, Process / Product Qualification Protocols
  • Test Method Validations and reports

Marketing Solutions

TechLink International Marketing Solutions is around to make sure that your brand gets the attention it deserves throughout its life span. Our marketing pole has set-up a unique approach to improve the relationship between your brand and its customers by using targeting, driving behaviors and measuring results.

Strategy Development

Marketing strategy – customer segmentation, target segment identification, value proposition creation, and overall messaging development.

TechLink International comprises a team of Consultants who are here to assist you and help you direct your Business Strategy.

What is Business Strategy?

In substance, it is composed of three essential and vital questions which are: Where should I compete?

How should I compete? When should I compete?

Far from being straightforward, each question requires an in-depth analysis and assessment which has its roots in deep industry and product knowledge. Poor Business Strategy is often based on the idea that a company should conduct its strategic analysis from the inside out, whereas Good Business Strategy involves assessing the key external market and identifying key strategies and factors so that you make it to the top. At TechLink International, we have Consultants who dedicate their time to helping companies win by providing services such as the following:

Defining your market – Identifying Customers, Products, Competitors, Methods of competition and Key Success Factors Market sizing and growth analysis – size specific markets, understand key trends and growth drivers Competitive analysis – understand competitive environments, assess competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses Strategic process management – assist managers across business units to create individual strategies, run workshops to achieve collective agreement on strategies

Sales Services

Take a look at our check-list below and see how we can help you: The achievements of your sales force are up, down and scattered. You have high sales force turnover time spent in front of customers which is decreasing. Your sales force’s motivation is going down the hill. You don’t know what your lead or deal pipeline really looks like. Closing deals are difficult although your sales force seems to have the right approach with customers. Your sales cycle isn’t improving. Techlink can help you address many such issues with the expertise of its sales executives and consultants. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

Sales organization – account team structure, sales coverage definition, Sales compensation and rewards, Sales tools and support Sales recruiting, training and coaching. Account management systems – key/global account structure creation, sales plan development, channel management, doctor management Sales operations management – pipeline management systems, win/loss analyses, revenue recognition issues Analyze your operations and compare with other companies with the help of the sales diagnosis technique we have developed. Don’t hesitate to contact us and enquire about our technique. It’s your brand. Give it the best. Together, we will find those key areas which can help increase your sales.

Marketing Services

Some Key Marketing Issues to be discussed with TechLink:

Marketing strategy – customer segmentation, target segment identification, value proposition creation, and overall messaging development Product marketing – identification of customer needs within a product, competitive marketing analysis, channel analysis, pricing effectiveness and product messaging/positioning (e.g. features vs. benefits) Marketing communications – development of brochures, videos, sales presentations, point of sale items, packaging/labeling design, convention programs, and advertising programs Marketing effectiveness – implement a system to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing spend (e.g. what return do you get from your convention programs?) Market research – customer focus groups, customer surveys, customer behavior analysis.

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